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One carton of the best eggs in the area; yellow yolks come from the grass and sunshine.

From: Chucktown Chicken

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Brought to you by Chucktown Chicken

"Our hens are raised and live on fresh grass their whole life. They are moved every day in a large, bottomless egg-mobile, which is a farm wagon equipped with a hen house on top and 8500 square feet of predator resistant grazing area. First thing in the morning the hens are moved to fresh grass and the eggs are gathered, washed and graded. At night the hens sleep in the top of the egg-mobile. Aside from the fresh living grasses, bugs and micro-flora they consume daily we provide them a high quality, custom mixed ration that includes: Corn, soybeans, oats, kelp meal, brewers yeast, fertrell's nutri-balancer and oyster shell."

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