Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:
Ambrose Family Farm 843-559-0988 or Babs Ambrose 843-709-8295

Mailing Address: 2414 Rockland Ave., Wadmalaw Island, SC 29487

Physical Address: 2349 Black Pond Land, Selkirk Plantation Rd. Wadmalaw Island, SC 29487

Ambrose Family Farm, operated by Pete Ambrose, is 135 acres and is part of the larger Ambrose family operation - Ambrose Family Farm and Stono Market LLC, (843-709-8295- Babs Ambrose).

Each entity is owned and operated by members of the Ambrose family. Contact either location for information.


OUR MISSION is to form a partnership of mutual commitment between the community consuming our fresh produce and our farm. Ambrose Family Farm will produce a wide variety of quality produce grown the safest most organic method possible. CSA Members agree to actively participate in their weekly obligations and read their emails from Ambrose Farm CSA. This partnership provides you with a consistent supply of excellent nutritional food while ensuring the survival of the local family farms future by guarantying the farmer a fair economic return for his efforts.


General Information

Ambrose Family Farm 843-559-0988 email:

Mailing Address: 2414 Rockland Ave., Wadmalaw Island, SC 29487

Physical Address: 2349 Black Pond Land, Selkirk Plantation Rd. Wadmalaw Island, SC 29487


How will I know whats in my box each week?
1) Each Saturday, youll get an email about whats happening/happened on the farm. This is your notice to visit the web site,, click on In Your Boxon the left menu bar 
2) This is the HARVEST list, so depending on your share size, the day of the week, the volume of each item available, and weather, expect some of the items but not all! Each is a link for info, so if there’s something you’re not familiar with, check it out.

Will my produce be dirty?
1) Produce, harvested fresh and field packed, is often a little dirty, may have some blemishes, may be slightly mis-shaped, but the quality will be great.
2) Wash your produce carefully before you serve it, cook it, or store it. We prewash your produce slightly, but washing diminishes the quality of some items and costs a fortune in labor.
3) You will have to supplement your CSA with other items.

What if I forget to pick up my produce?
1) Call you pickup host and let him/her know you forgot. Make arrangements to get your share ASAP
2) Keep your pickup hosts phone number and email handy. The information is available if you login, view the Pickup Site Info. Directions are available also.
3) YOU are responsible for pickup on your pick up day.
4) Be timely and considerate. If you cannot pick-up for whatever reason, make sure someone does it for you or contact your host and make arrangements for later pick up.
5) Sign In! Your host will know if youve been there or not. If another person is picking up for you, please instruct them to sign in next to your name.

How do I know which share is mine?


1) Small Share packed in RED bag. The 1st week, take the bag. Next week, return the bag and take another.
2) Medium Share packed BLUE bag.
3) Large Share packed in a LIME GREEN Bag
4) PREMIUM SHARE: There will be a bag set aside with your name and order on it. 

If you have other questions, please contact us by email or phone. We available for you! 

Babs Ambrose 843-709-8295
Jill Cheney  

HOLD a share means relinquish with NO REFUND.  You are responsible for making arrangements with Babs Ambrose for replacement of HELD shares.

NO cash refunds for damage to produce due to weather.